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Unhappy JudgeIf you were convicted of a crime in the state of Arizona, part of your sentencing may have been to complete a term of probation. Probation usually lasts anywhere from one (1) year to a lifetime, and includes rules and terms that must be followed. Some of the most common terms of probation would include checking in when required, paying fines/restitution and counseling. The most important term is that the defendant must remain a law-abiding citizen during the time of his/her probation. Which means if any criminal charges are to be charged during his/her time of probation, they will also face the charge of probation violation.

If found guilty of a probation violation, your probation could be terminated and you may be ordered to complete the rest of the term in jail, you may be removed from unsupervised probation and placed on supervised probation and more.

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