Find Out How Plea Deal for Drug Charges Reduced Jail Time by 45 Years

Drug charges Criminal DefenseA 23-year-old woman was facing serious time – a possible 50-year stint – in prison for various drug charges. But thanks to the wise advice of her lawyer, she accepted a plea deal, knocking her sentencing down to five years. Continue reading

Preparing for New Year’s Eve and Avoiding DUI Charges

DUI DefenseNew Year’s Eve is one of the busiest times for DUI charges throughout the year, according to official sources. While Thanksgiving holds the record for having the most DUI fatalities of any day of the year, New Year’s Eve is second, followed by other holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July and St. Patrick’s Day as well as Cinco de Mayo in recent years. Continue reading

DUI and Littering Leads to Hit-and-Run

kathleen fleetwoodA San Tan Valley woman has been arrested for driving under the influence, hit-and-run, and littering.

According to witnesses, Kathleen Fleetwood, 65, drove her Buick Enclave into a construction zone on North Gary Road south of West Hunt Highway in San Tan Valley around 1 p.m. Witnesses state that she was driving about 50 miles per hour in a designated 35 mile-an-hour zone. Her vehicle drifted to the right side of the roadway, causing her to sideswipe a large water truck. She then struck a 41-year-old construction worker before fleeing the scene. Two witnesses, including the construction site supervisor, followed Fleetwood and boxed her car in before she was able to fully flee the scene. Once stopped, Fleetwood exited her car and threw a vodka bottle into the bushes. Continue reading

At Least 273 Arrested in Crime Sweep

Lane Crime Sweep ArrestsArizona was recently the site of Operation Justice VI, which involved the United States Marshals Service as well as 28 other law enforcement agencies from the local, state and federal level. All of these groups joined together to round up 273 fugitives and alleged criminals, according to official reports. Continue reading

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