Find Out How Plea Deal for Drug Charges Reduced Jail Time by 45 Years

Drug charges Criminal DefenseA 23-year-old woman was facing serious time – a possible 50-year stint – in prison for various drug charges. But thanks to the wise advice of her lawyer, she accepted a plea deal, knocking her sentencing down to five years. Continue reading

What To Do If You Are Arrested

ArrestedIf you are arrested, are you sure you know exactly what to do? If you are like most people, the honest answer is “no.” The less experience you have with the criminal justice system, the less likely it is that you know what to do if you suddenly find yourself in handcuffs. Alex Lane, a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, offers the following tips to help you if you find yourself under arrest. Continue reading

Arizona Fills Federal Criminal Court With Judges

Arizona CourtAfter four years of less-than-complete numbers of federal court judges in the Arizona criminal division, the busiest federal criminal court in the country, the government announced that the court is now full. According to a recent report, the court, which is supposed to have 13 judges, was operating with as few as seven. In 2011, these judges handled 8,070 cases, averaging 1,300 cases each. Continue reading

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