What To Do If You Are Arrested

ArrestedIf you are arrested, are you sure you know exactly what to do? If you are like most people, the honest answer is “no.” The less experience you have with the criminal justice system, the less likely it is that you know what to do if you suddenly find yourself in handcuffs. Alex Lane, a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, offers the following tips to help you if you find yourself under arrest. Continue reading

Both Sides of the Aisle: How Being a Prosecutor Helps Alex Lane As a Defense Attorney

Criminal Law AZAlex Lane is an Arizona criminal defense attorney who has been successfully defending clients for more than 10 years. However, Alex Lane was not always a defense attorney. For many years, Mr. Lane was a prosecutor with the Vehicular Crimes Unit of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Continue reading

Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Charges in Arizona

Dangerous Drugs ArizonaNarcotics and dangerous drugs are treated differently under Arizona law than marijuana.  The fines and penalties for possession of these drugs tend to be more severe than possession of pot for personal consumption.  Almost any amount of a dangerous drug or narcotic can result in very heavy fines and relatively long jail sentences.  It is important that you have the best possible legal representation if you are charged with one of these crimes.  Alex Lane is ready to discuss your case with you and help you understand your options for defending yourself from these serious charges. Continue reading

Drawing Blood: How a Blood Alcohol Test Can Be Wrong

Blood Alcohol TestBeing asked to give a blood alcohol sample to determine if you are legally intoxicated may feel like the end of the world.  However, there are many cases in which someone has been given this test but the results have been overturned due to problems with the test itself or errors in execution or analysis.  Alex Lane and Lane Law may be able to help a person accused of DUI successfully challenge a blood alcohol test’s results and counter this accusation. Continue reading

Can I Really Challenge a Breath Alcohol Test?

Breath alcohol testPopular opinion often sways us more than we realize.  For example, many people believe that if a police officer gives you a breath or blood test to determine your intoxication level and the results come back as .08 percent blood alcohol content or higher, your DUI case is “open and shut.” These people are often surprised to learn that blood and breath alcohol testing is successfully challenged every day in courtrooms across the country, and that people who were told they were legally drunk have been able to argue flaws in the tests that resulted in dismissal of the charges. Continue reading

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