Drug-Based Impairment: The Other DUI

Drug Based DUIWhen you hear the words “driving under the influence,” do you immediately think of alcohol?  If you are like most people, you probably do.  Alcohol-based DUIs are by far the most common type, but the law does not specify that driving under the influence must be connected to alcohol.  You can actually be charged with impaired driving for any substance that is in your body, including drugs. Continue reading

Deciperhing Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Laws

AZ medical marijuanaTo many people, Arizona represents one of the few states in the nation to “legalize marijuana.”  Actually, this is far from the truth.  The law Arizona has passed is a medical marijuana law and severely limits the legal use of the drug, requiring those who are going to use it to prove that they have a medical need and convince a doctor to issue them the appropriate paperwork to apply for a medical marijuana card.  Even then, there are limits on how much they can possess at one time and who can have access to the drug. Continue reading

Marijuana: A Minor Crime That Can Be a Big Deal

MarijuanaMany people believe that possession of marijuana is “no big deal.”  The recent passage of the Medical Marijuana Act, allowing those with a doctor’s prescription to possess marijuana for personal use, has led some people to assume that being caught with pot will not have a negative impact on their lives.  This is not true; conviction of any crime can mean problems for you, including significant cash costs and even possible jail time. Continue reading

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