Find Out How Plea Deal for Drug Charges Reduced Jail Time by 45 Years

Drug charges Criminal DefenseA 23-year-old woman was facing serious time – a possible 50-year stint – in prison for various drug charges. But thanks to the wise advice of her lawyer, she accepted a plea deal, knocking her sentencing down to five years. Continue reading

AZ Builder Found Guilty of Fraud

A former Arizona custom-home builder and his accountant have been found guilty of bank fraud and conspiracy and now face lengthy prison sentences, according to recent reports.

The defendants, Paxton Anderson, former owner of Dynamite Custom Homes, and Joseph Plany, certified public accountant, recruited friends and family members to act as home buyers between 2004 and 2009 to apply and qualify for construction loans. Continue reading

Woman Heading to Jail After Facebook Post

Colleen CudneyCould your Facebook posts send you to jail? One Michigan woman found out that the long arm of the law extends to social media after she was arrested for violation of probation when she bragged on her Facebook account that she had “beaten” a random Breathalyzer test. Continue reading

Prison Reform Comes To Arizona

Prison ReformThe Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council issued a report recently that “the vast majority” of currently incarcerated inmates are violent offenders or are in jail for repeat offenses. However, advocates of prison reform have pointed out that this report uses misleading definitions for “repeat” and “violent” offenders in an effort to justify holding some prisoners who are really no threat to society. Continue reading

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