Officer Killed in Reservation Shooting

jair cabreraA shooting incident on a Native American reservation in Arizona left an officer dead when he attempted to make a traffic stop, according to a recent report. Jair Cabrera, 37, was on duty with the Salt River Police Department when he attempted to make a traffic stop near the Chevron station on Pima Road and Chaparral Road in Scottsdale. The driver allegedly shot through the windshield of the police car, striking Cabrera. He was transported to a local hospital where he died of his injuries. Continue reading

What Is The Difference Between Simple and Aggravated Assault?

Assault ChargesThe term “assault” is used in two ways. In a general sense, we use the word to mean any action designed to harm someone else. We often qualify the word with a description, such as “verbal assault,” “sexual assault,” or “domestic assault.”However, the legal definition of assault is much more specific, and when someone is accused of this crime it is important to know exactly what the charge is and the circumstances surrounding the incident in order to prepare a legal defense. Continue reading

Woman Heading to Jail After Facebook Post

Colleen CudneyCould your Facebook posts send you to jail? One Michigan woman found out that the long arm of the law extends to social media after she was arrested for violation of probation when she bragged on her Facebook account that she had “beaten” a random Breathalyzer test. Continue reading

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