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Man stopped for windshield obstructions faces drug charges

The mindset that a person has when he or she approaches a serious problem could make a difference in the results of dealing with that problem. When confronted with criminal charges, some individuals may immediately feel as if they are stuck in an ordeal that they will not be able to get out of. However, if parties set their minds to working toward the best possible outcomes for cases involving drug charges, they may feel more in control.

One man may be working to set his mind to the right course of action after recently being taken into custody in Arizona. According to reports, officers stopped the man's vehicle after noticing that he had windshield obstructions, including a radar detector. During the stop, an officer allegedly felt that the man was more nervous than necessary for a standard traffic stop. The man also purportedly gave differing accounts of why he was traveling.

Criminal charges for DUI brought against Arizona woman

It is not unusual for one bad decision to have many repercussions. Fortunately, that one bad decision does not have to set the tone for decisions made in the future. For instance, if the decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol leads to criminal charges for DUI, the accused driver can work to make better decisions regarding his or her case moving forward.

One woman in Arizona will certainly want to make sure she makes meaningful choices after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, authorities were alerted to a wrong-way driver at approximately 1:30 a.m. The woman was allegedly driving south in the northbound lanes of a roadway. Officers were able to intervene and stop the driver without extreme measures.

Drug charges result after driver hits house

Many people may not understand the dangerous nature of their actions until someone else gets hurt. Unfortunately, when injuries do result because of someone else's actions, it is likely that criminal charges could come against that person. Depending on the details of the situation, drug charges could be included in those allegations.

It was recently reported that one Arizona man was taken into custody after an accident that left two children injured. Apparently, the man was driving a vehicle when he left the roadway, drove through a yard and hit a house. The incident occurred around 12:30 a.m., and the driver presumably attempted to flee the scene because officers found the homeowner chasing the man when they arrived. Authorities apprehended the driver. 

Know the terms of your probation to avoid violations

Some individuals who are convicted of crimes will be placed on probation instead of being sent to prison. For these people, remaining in the community is often a welcome situation. They must remember that it comes with specific conditions because you are under the supervision of a probation officer.

You can face legal consequences if you don't comply with the terms of the probation program. These violations are handled through the criminal court system using a bench trial instead of a jury trial. This means that you will stand before the judge and present your case. The judge then determines the outcome of the case.

Charges brought against Arizona man in cellphone theft case

Finding the best way to handle a given situation can be a difficult task. It may become even more of a challenge when the predicament involves handling criminal charges for theft. Individuals typically have various ways in which they could approach such cases, but it is important that they explore their options and determine which could prove most effective.

One man in Arizona will certainly want to find his most effective defense route after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the man allegedly stole approximately $100,000 worth of iPhones, Apple watches and other cellphones from various Walmarts in the area. The thefts purportedly took place from early May to late June, and authorities attempted to apprehend the man on July 9. It was noted that the suspect was wearing a ski mask in surveillance video, so it is unclear what caused authorities to suspect the man.

Fentanyl bust results in drug charges for 3 in Arizona

Feelings of anxiety can overwhelm anyone who is facing criminal charges. They may not know what their future will hold or the best way to handle the drug charges they face. Though it can be difficult to rein in these emotions, doing so may help accused parties keep a clear head when making important decisions about their defenses.

Three individuals in Arizona likely have concerns about their futures after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, authorities allegedly witnessed a transaction in the parking lot of a mall that they believed was a drug deal. It was unclear whether the suspects were already under observation, but it was noted that sheriff's detectives and investigators from the Department of Homeland Security were involved in the reported bust. After making the observations, the investigators approached the individuals, and at least two of the parties attempted to flee the scene.

The disturbing and common problem of false confessions

Would you ever confess to a crime you didn’t commit? Most of us would emphatically say “no.” But don’t be so sure. False confessions are far more common than you might think, and they often have devastating consequences.

In recent decades, the Innocence Project has helped exonerate more than 365 wrongfully convicted people in the United States and have studied the factors that led to the erroneous convictions. In about 25 percent of those cases, the convictions were based primarily or largely on false confessions.

A DUI can damage your career options

Imagine driving across Phoenix on your way home from work. It's Friday, so you decide to stop in and have a couple of cold ones at your favorite watering hole. At the end of happy hour, you hop back in your car and head home. You didn't drink much and you feel totally fine to be behind the wheel, but what if you get pulled over by the police? Would you still pass a Breathalyzer test?

Unfortunately, many drivers still get behind the wheel after drinking and even a seemingly minor buzz might be enough to put them over the blood alcohol limit. The resulting driving under the influence (DUI) charge could cost you thousands in fines and court fees and even land you jail. Moreover, a DUI can do some serious damage to your career prospects. Here are a few ways that a DUI can affect your job.

Arizona has great shopping and strict shoplifting laws

Although shoplifting in Arizona can be a serious crime, it’s easier than ever to mistakenly believe otherwise. It might seem too familiar for businesses or the authorities to take the crime all that seriously.

But don’t think a shoplifting arrest can be handled without serious attention, careful thinking and experienced legal counsel.

Gun Charges Arizona

What are the Guns and Weapons charges in Arizona?

Gun laws in Arizona tend to be lenient when compared to other states in the country. However, if you are accused or are caught using firearms or any kind of lethal weapons in Arizona, then the consequences can be quite severe. Law enforcement agencies go by the motto "use a gun, go to prison", which almost always leads to at least a plea offer which usually requires a mandatory prison sentence.

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