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Lane, Hupp & Crowley, PLC has been providing representation to clients for several years Chandler Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI Lawyers, and the firm handles several different types of cases. Below are a few examples:

Anyone who is arrested on suspicion of a crime in Arizona is most likely going to experience exorbitant amounts of fear and stress. When people are overwhelmed by these powerful emotions, they tend to freeze as they process all that is happening to them. While this is a natural reaction, it is one that needs to be avoided as criminal suspects need to waste no time whatsoever in beginning the process of defending themselves and asserting their Constitutional rights. Fortunately, these rights are guaranteed, but they need to be proactively asserted in order to provide a suspect with the maximum benefit.

Most people need legal help in asserting these legal rights, which is why anyone who is arrested on suspicion of DUI or suspected of any other crime needs to make sure that they contact a Chandler Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. The Chandler Police Department employs more than 300 officers and more than 150 other professionals, and the Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office is known for its aggressiveness. Those are powerful and relentless forces working against those who are suspected of crimes.

Alex Lane and his firm have been working in Maricopa County for more than a decade, and he has worked both as a prosecutor and as a Criminal Defense Attorney in Chandler. Over the years, he and his firm have handled dozens of trials and thousands of different legal matters. Given the firm’s track record of results and the overall experience of working with the firm from the perspective of others in the profession, Mr. Lane has earned a reputation that instantly helps the causes of clients.

If you or someone you love is arrested you need to understand that you only have a certain amount of time to take steps to protect your driving privileges with the state. You also need to understand that the penalties for even a first-time DUI in Arizona are notoriously stiff, and people who do not take steps to protect themselves by way of securing legal representation likely face a greater risk of dealing with these penalties.

If you or someone you love is being investigated for a different crime in Chandler, you should not wait until you are arrested before obtaining the advice of a defense attorney who knows the local system and how it works. Obtaining counsel early in the investigation process could lead to a much better result for those who are being investigated.

No one ever wants to face the reality of having to stand up and protect their freedom. However, no one is going to do it for you, so if you face this situation you need to move quickly to build the strongest defense possible. Contact Lane, Hupp & Crowley, PLC today to schedule an initial consultation.


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We have experience in representing clients who are facing criminal allegations; we know how to investigate such matters and anticipate what the State will use against you. The Law Offices of Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC also has the availability to consult with several forensic experts to build a strong defense.

You need an aggressive attorney who is experienced to defend you and your rights. Our firm will offer you our lowest rates and payment plans are available.


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