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Lane, Hupp & Crowley, PLC has been providing legal representation to those suspected of criminal wrongdoing for more than 10 years. Whenever someone needs a Gilbert criminal defense lawyer for a DUI, the firm immediately steps in and handles any DUI-related case including:

  • First-time DUI charges
  • Second and subsequent DUI charges
  • Blood test challenges
  • Field sobriety test challenges
  • Arizona MVD hearings

Each of these legal situations requires expertise and experience specific to these matters, and top Gilbert criminal lawyer, Mr. Alex Lane, and his firm have handled hundreds of DUI cases originating in the town.

The firm also handles several different criminal defense matters, as we have spent time working with the prosecutor’s office and has perspective from both sides of the courtroom. Below are a few examples of the types of Arizona criminal defense matters the firm handles:

Whatever criminal charges are being leveled against you, Lane, Hupp & Crowley, PLC can provide you the legal representation you need to fight them. If you find yourself being accused of being involved in, say, a Ponzi scheme, the firm can send a Gilbert white collar crime lawyer your way. When your partner alleges you laid a hand on her, a Gilbert domestic violence lawyer on our roster should be able to help you sort things out. And if you get charged with a very serious crime like a homicide, you will need to have a highly-skilled Gilbert violent crime lawyer by your side.

Law enforcement in Gilbert

Gilbert is a community of approximately 200,000 people, and it is generally known to be a safe and stable place. The population of the area is relatively young, the median income is well above the Arizona average, and the average education level is high. While there have been many theories put forward with regards to why the crime rate is lower than the American average, one line of thinking that stands out involves the high number of law enforcement personnel in the community. According to government data, there are only 1.04 police officers per 1,000 residents here, which is much lower than the Arizona average that currently sits at 1.97.

As such, enforcement of criminal laws in Gilbert is very aggressive. More than 320 law enforcement personnel, more than 200 of which are sworn police officers, are constantly on the lookout for suspicious behavior. This leads to a high number of arrests and too many cases being sent to the Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office. People who face investigation or prosecution for DUI or other crimes need to understand this reality so that they immediately take steps to protect their Constitutional rights if they find themselves under scrutiny. And if they find themselves accused of more serious offenses like sexual assault, they must do all they can to secure the services of a skilled and experienced Gilbert sex crime lawyer.

While the law enforcement community in Gilbert is relatively large, the penalties for conviction of any crime in Arizona are notoriously tough. Jail and prison time are common results of convictions, and people need to do everything in their power to make sure that all of their Constitutional rights are properly protected and enforced.

If you or someone you love has been arrested on suspicion of DUI or you have recently been made aware of the fact that you are being investigated for some other crime, you need to push back your fear and stress and take action. You need to obtain legal representation from a Gilbert Criminal Defense Lawyer who understands how these cases work, who has earned a track record of positive results and who has a strong reputation within the legal community. Contact Lane, Hupp & Crowley, PLC today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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We have experience in representing clients who are facing criminal allegations; we know how to investigate such matters and anticipate what the State will use against you. The Law Offices of Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC also has the availability to consult with several forensic experts to build a strong defense.

You need an aggressive attorney who is experienced to defend you and your rights. Our firm will offer you our lowest rates and payment plans are available.


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